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“The missing link between Buddy Guy and early Stones “

This self titled album is the electric blues album that pays tribute and explores the possibilities often snubbed by tradition. Pushing the envelope and boundaries of the sound of Blues Rock music, The Bad Daddys have laid their stake in a soulful endeavor to make it their own blues.

Bad Daddy CD (2008): The Bad Daddys

  • Paul Waring and Al Strong may have just arrived back from the crossroads to deliver this album of rich and velvety guitar textures, and distinctive vocals. Along with a rhythm unit locked in like bricks and mortar, bassist Jimmy Klemenz and drummer Scott Mills bring the bacon home. This good time sounding collection of songs is laid back, yet laced with elements of blazing guitar work and lyrical dynamite.

    The single “Ain’t Got the Time” is destined to be a rockin’ blues classic, as it speaks to everyone who has ever had too much to drink, too many disappointments and never enough cash-takin' charge and no shit.

    The funky rocker “Puttin’ Me Down”, is an arrangement to remember. This song exudes soulful riffs and James Brown rhythms in a light-hearted look at the darker sides of life and relationships.

    “Change of Heart” could very well be touted one of the year’s meatiest Blues Ballads. Total attention to tone and detail, The Bad Daddys really nail it down in this slow, dark and bluesy declaration of love.


    released April 15, 2008

    Paul Waring (Bad Daddy): Lead Vocals, Guitar
    Al Strong : Lead Guitar
    Jimmy Kemmenz: Bass
    Scott Mills: Drums

    Phalan Gallagher : Saxophone on Tracks 2,7 & 9
    John Dyer : Hammond Organ Track 4

    Band photos by Jamil C Williams Photography.

    Recording engineered & mixed by John Dyer, Unintentional Music, Blue Hill, ME.

    Mastered by John Stuart at Houndog Recordings, Gorham, ME.


    all rights reserved

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